Another busy day at the beach.


We went early because it was Sunday. We were not early enough; there were no places left to park and the beach was packed. It was relaxing and fun until one of the ice cream vendors whom we have befriended told us that 5 children have disappeared on the beach this year.

Arghhh! Not fun. I have since come up with many questions about this statement, but it drove a stake of cold fear through my heart. He did not know if they were drowned or abducted. How big is the beach? From where I look it goes on for miles and miles. Why are there no notices? Why are there no police? So many questions, but I am suddenly more careful.

I have a new bunch of sage drying outside.

I took a friend up to the attic the other day. She knew nothing at all of my experiences on the house, and she went really peculiar. She had to be escorted downstairs and I had to “clean” her of the energy that had attached itself to her. Fun to know I can, but I have not yet had the time to “do” upstairs. So if my sage is dry, it is my task for the evening. The rooms are full of broken chairs and great cobwebs moving slowly in the breeze. A swarm of bees got trapped in the house earlier in the year and hundreds of them are lying dead all the way up the stairs. It is quite a trip to get there. I am always wearing the big skirts and have to throw it all over my shoulder to avoid dragging the empty bodies of hundreds of bees around with me. It would not add to the experience at all to have them whispering along the floor behind me. I will report how it goes. Horror films do not help the experience of these talents AT ALL, I notice. My mind can go all over the place, but the reality of the experiences is easier than the mind wants them to be.

It is already getting darker and I really want to do it in daylight or I will be quivering and quivering. Having identified 4 spectres thus far I am not entirely thrilled at the idea of more.

I was talking about it with Baptiste the other day and he said: “I don’t think the Germans actually killed anyone here. I know my father stopped them executing someone. “ Yuk. I cannot imagine what it must have been like then, but so much trauma has to leave its mark.