An exhausted vegan in Starbucks NY


Such glamour. I am sitting in Starbucks in New York. Tired, stressed and tearful. I know I should be thrilled and fabulous, but I not.
I have been up for hours, have a crashing headache, the courier from London with all my stuff has not delivered, the friend I am supposed to stay with is not here, but in LA and the appartment, with one bedroom has two females staying in it. I am struggling with staying positive. I really am. I just want to cry, but this is not the place, at all.

The flight was great. I sat next to two young men from Dulwich College on their way to the their gap experience. Totally charming and delightful.
I was met at the airport by the delightful Ankit who I have not seen for ten years, and the last time was staying with him in Gujarat. So we have both come a long way.
I really came close to tears in the street earlier, just from total hunger. Virgin Airlines and vegan are not synonymous. I arrived totally starving. I decided that japanese was the only way forward and in the first block found a vegan japanese restaurant. Oh my it was good. I ate so fast! But so delicious. I felt, for a while, that the Gods were smiling on me. I know they are and they always do, it is just that temporarily I do not share their sense of humour. I am sure that with sleep I will improve. I will write more tomorrow.