An awful day


I am lying in bed trying to recover some sense of calm after a truly awful day.
I have spent all day labelling boxes of clothes. 33 large cardboard boxes were delivered yesterday, and I decided it was best to tackle it as soon as possible.
It is stock that was due at the end of July. More than 50% has still not arrived, and I am feeling truly stressed by the whole experience. Angry and scared would also be appropriate words.

I think what made it scary was how awful everything looked all squashed up in plastic bags. At least I have had samples and they are really good, so I can breathe a bit there, but still my mind plays out the worst scenario at the first opportunity. It always has.

I am trying to get back to a semblance of calm and humourous but am really not doing well. Isadora is lying in bed next to me with her arms crossed looking huffy because I am not my usual charming self. It is tiresome how easily one gets knocked off the perch.

There are several things that really wind me up. One of them today has been the pricing machine. It takes it’s place next to pushchairs, child car seats and automated answering systems. I guess the reason that the universe has decided that I should be so short staffed for so long is so that I can be 100% hands on with the entire experience, and using one of the ticketing guns is a real slap in the face.

It is an experience I have vowed I will never repeat.

So now I have to find a better system before the next load arrives.

I look forward to waking up and having a good day. I intend to sit alone in the shop pricing clothes. Oh Joy.