An alternative reality


I do not consider myself to be a conspiracy theorist. I don’t, but even then I do find myself at loggerheads with Bush about 9/11 and the British Government about that affair in the tunnel in Paris, then there is Saint Augustine and the Annunciation, the Virgin Birth, the power of the Pope and several other moments in history that could leave space for calls for booing at me right now.

I don’t mind if I seem a trifle at odds with myself. It would not be the first time, but I am now questioning exactly who stands to gain from the current dramas right now? Is there a Machiavellian plan to keep us all like mad little ants or am I imagining it?

Lovely though he may be, Mr Mac and his billions, but I do not feel that the ipod has done much for communication, the governments’ stance on drinking hours, their stand on endlessly legalising as many drugs as possible and so on. It seems that we are all being actively discouraged from looking around us and saying “Hang on a minute!”

Keep us all dumb, drugged, drunk, stressed and fat and what will we do? Absolutely nothing but just have more of it.

I do not feel that I have climbed out of my pram as much as am approaching a temper tantrum.

The radio reported today that all the small and medium sized businesses that they researched were all feeling discouraged, depressed and unenthusiastic. What did they expect? Is this not just a glorified opportunity to sell more newspapers and grind us all into straight little lines? If not, what on earth is it? I am finding myself a little out of sync with it all and getting really pissed off at the endless destruction of it all.

So I am working hard at living in an alternative reality. I have not picked up drugs, alcohol or cigarettes, nor am I indulging in depression or anger. I have tried all of it in varying amounts over the years and it hurts no one but me. No, I am now doing daily affirmations, (I have a huge long list that I read out loud each day), I am seriously watching my moods and emotions, I am meditating, running and smiling as much as possible. Viewing my daily experiences with hope and possibility and now actively encouraging others to do the same.

Do join me.