It gets hotter


It seems that the rains have moved on and it gets hotter every day here.
I went through Amber yesterday, it is a small town just outside Jaipur, with a very beautiful, majestic fort perched high above a lake where the 150 Jaipur elephants go for their daily bath. The water has been diminishing on every trip I have made until it has recently been nothing more than a black puddle.

I expected it to be filled to the brim as I passed and it was not. The news of the flooding in Rajasthan has been all over the news, and I have seen the rainfall in Jaipur at first hand. It seems it never made it past the hill.

I learned more about body image yesterday, and from such a surprising source: the Mayor of London. Some ridiculous new H & S drama over a nose piercing and some person sacked for having one, it turns out that there are 16 signs, on a Hindu woman, of marital status. It appears that men need none, but she must have a great long, and highly visible list, the nose ring being one of them.

My tasks here are nearing completion. The last few days are a flurry of sizing, colours, collections, reminders and the occasional spark of anger. I am learning not to let it show so much. A good training ground, here, and lots of opportunities to test my resolves.

I make lots of resolves and am currently loving my most recent. I have taken back my yoga practice. Early each morning I have done a full set with meditation and it really does make such a difference.

I know, I could be so judged for putting it down, but frankly I don’t do it for anyone else but me and have no need of prizes for fortitude. A long break, and this has been a long break, makes it such a delightful reunion. I find that the experience is deeper and I go further.

I have also set up a list of workshops that I am teaching and between now and then I want to be fully immersed in my personal journey.

Nothing is lost in the breaks, but suppleness, and the breath and a strong intention bring it roaring back.

I have a friend who is revered as a saint in India. She has always said that nothing is lost on the spiritual journey. It is all a journey forward, the breaks are a moment to catch your breath. I feel I have gained so much from the holiday in France and now I am sparkly and raring to go.

On the way here this morning there was a funny sight. A small, long glove clad woman in a sari with her face wrapped up (all to protect against the sun making her skin brown because white or pale skin is important here), she was driving a moped. Behind her was a huge man sitting pillion with his hands on her shoulders. Neither were wearing helmets and it was a funny sight. I was told that as they were on an electric bike there was no need of helmets. They moved forward with the traffic and there was no sound. The electric motorbike is totally silent. I was amazed. I have never seen one before, and to travel alongside a silent motorbike is a very strange experience with all the other sounds still happening. A rather surreal moment.