Ah, the Joys of Health & Safety.


I have been told that I do get out of my pram. So I will keep this succinct, with the realisation that the rules are made by the Rulers, not by the Councils themselves, and that everyone is just doing their job in the most jobsworth way possible.

To that end, I am making friends with the man from the Health & Safety. It seemed a good route, and he is charming. Endlessly fighting the system just seems to generate hell within, and I am past enjoying the sensation.

Talking of Hell Within, the Mind Body Spirit festival was fabulous. I confess to having been somewhat dreading the experience, but it was great. Such fun, mostly because of the Very Lovely Philip, and then due to the wonderful collection of people who came to the event. I taught several workshops, which were great, (I know I am not supposed to say so myself, but it is all based on feedback…) and laughed more than I have laughed for months. This alone elevates the spirit far more than the endless diet of stress.

I fell off the “No New Wagon” a while ago. I have to confess, like an addict needing a fix, I could not resist sneaking a peek at the state of the world and sure enough, I was sucked back into the world of blood, gore, fear, stress and uncontrollable visions of the way I do not want the world and it’s occupants to behave.

Not only that, but my coffee consumption has been shocking and it does me no good at all. In fact it makes me insane, dizzy and stressed. I am horrified by how many things I can do that create horrible reactions inside, but seem to be currently unable to create a full stop. Although, having said that I have not had coffee for two days and will save myself until Friday morning, where it is an important ritual that I want to keep for now. The news…. I am about to go to India and find myself needing to know if the rioting has stopped, if it is safe to go, so for now I continue.

Personal Health & Safety. I suppose it comes down to that. Perhaps that is what some us need, maybe not all of us. There are many out there who make no judgement as to how they feel, others who have no expectations of improvements. Yet another wave who feel there is no need to improve, and then versions like me who endlessly look for change. For I think that is what it is. I cannot eat the same food every day, I cannot endlessly do the same thing on a daily basis, and was a bad make up artist on films as I hated repeating myself. So I need and long for stimulation. Hence coffee, news and stress. Tra La.