Ah, it was lovely.


The house is garlanded in wisteria, the frogs are chirping? Or is it ribbitting? Endlessly. And we have had breakfast and lunch in the garden several times now. Ah, it is so nice. We have also had the joint cased several times today and a wallet stolen. Horrid. But at least it had no money in t and was nothing more serious. Just boring and time consuming nonsense.

Talking of which, I had an amusing time on the weekend and could, I know, easily cause offence. But that is not my intention. If it upsets, I am sorry. But, three people in printed T shirts came and ranged themselves around me in the shop on Monday. I could see what was coming: They were Christian Fundamentalists wanting to convert me.

It is not on my list of experiences, so I was polite but firm, and in the end had them all praying for me as it was all I was willing to accept. It was a long prayer, as I am obviously an infidel. (I have been told this by several different people including the Hari Krishna lot,) But finally my soul was rescued from purgatory and they moved onto the Muslim Fishmonger.

I do think it is important to admire the chutzpah of standing in a shop on a busy day in a prayer circle over a woman dressed head to toe in black with her hand on her hip standing on one leg.

Another Ah, it was lovely was the experience of letting our son save up for a Gameboy PSP. It took a while and we contributed £22 to the final effort. Let him drown in it for 4 days, seeing him emerge from the playing experience with his aura shredded, blinking with red, sore eyes. A few more days of intermittent playing and I carefully planted the thought that an ipod would be so much more fun.

A few days later he asked what he could get for him Gameboy. 24 hours on ebay and it was gone! Oh, joy. Ah, it was lovely. A quick trip to the MAC store (the computer shop, not the make up shop) and he is in bliss. We go to school with a whole DJ experience that everyone can share in and we do not have that horrible PSP in the house any more.