A lot happens


I must confess that most of it is happening in my head, but it must not be discounted.
I am thinking a lot about the Winter Collection. Serious stuff, making sure it will sell and that it is appropriate.

I have a dilemma: The ever-lowering waistline.

I don’t want to wear clothes around my hips. I don’t like it. It also seems that a lot of other women over 35 do not either, unless they either have the figure that can or they don’t give a monkeys how they look.

It affects the length of jackets, the height of trousers, the length of skirts, the length of trouser legs…. Do I go with it? I don’t think so, but do I have the courage not to?
Interesting questions.

I am also on the hunt for Top Hats. Hard to find. It looks like I may have to taker a lightening trip to Milan. How delightful. I have a love/hate relationship with the place. It was the arena for one of the most awful, actually several of the most awful times in my life, but it is a beautiful city and there is great shopping there. A day or two of checking out how merchants display their wares could be really good for business. I must work on persuading my husband it is a good idea.

I just had a great conversation with a woman in the shop. We are the same age, going through the same physical experiences, the same mental stuff and both getting the same reaction from the world at large, mainly the youth of the world at large: that we do not exist.
It is an interesting and somewhat black period, coming to realise that the attractive charm that cut a swathe through the men of the world has been mislaid, never to be found again and that the baton has to be handed to the youth of the world.

The joy of ageing. Does Eckhart Tolle do something on that? I must look into it. Either that or become an expert on it somehow, then it can all be justified.