Thoughts and trains


Thoughts and trains

I had to go to Bristol on Monday. I had to be there at 8am, so it meant leaving at 6am from home. Arriving at the station was fun, there was no one, but little by little it filled with hurrying people. Men with suits and suit holders, all twisted by the weight on their shoulders, carrying coffee and looking cross.
Women with bags clutched to their chests as they watched the train times over and over again, moving across the board. Me, reading a book and watching.

Once on the train I was struck by how easy it is to think with perspective.
On one talks on trains, you, we, are stuck in this winding, rocking, twisting tube with no way to affect our external surroundings. We sit there, and if not fully engaged in reading or writing, we all watch the outside whirl past. I find I get tremendous distance from day to day life. I watch the lives of other, little glimpses of their existence, watch the beauty of the countryside, watch walking people with dogs, and I wonder about my life.

I am feeling satisfied at the moment. It is not a sensation I reach easily, but the last DVDs and the catalogue were a major effort, and I think they will be good. I sat on the train, wobbling gently, thinking about where we are.

When I got to Bristol I was whisked to the printers and spent the day authorising proofs and changing spelling mistakes. I am sure a few slipped through, none the less, but the man who was entertaining me was extremely interested about websites and traffic and adwords.

I came away with distance, having learnt a lot about printing, and rather excited about the new awareness of adwords. I spoke with his web designer yesterday and the ball is rolling.

I have kept my mind still with regards to the next plans. I now have 6 DVDs in the process of finishing and need to focus my attention there, rather than divert off elsewhere. I find it hard to knuckle down to detail sometimes. Bill paying is my task today. I find it hard to let go of large amounts of money…….