The charm of au pairs


She came, she slept and she left.
The joy of au pairs and all the faith one puts in their ability to do what you want.
I knew it was doomed when she announced her mother was coming. They immediately announced that they had never been apart. The mother would not talk to her about her decision, but turned her back and started wheezing! Interesting relationship they must have. So less that 18 hours after she arrived she was gone, leaving a bag of Atlantic sea salt. How kind.

So we are back where we started, looking at new au pairs all over again.

Otherwise we have the young Paul from somewhere up the road. He is 9, has ADHD and is doing a great job of entertaining the kids. Perhaps we should hire him….. Having anyone here for them to play with makes such a difference.

Daniel, the charming Hungarian assistant is back and he is madly working on finishing the new catalogue for the end of this month. It is exciting. There are so many new things and it looks so good. I am excited, as usual, by new things. Such a child.