A swathe or was it a truncheon?


We had a large number of police in the street today. Sun shining, police everywhere.

I went towards one who was calmly leaning on a bollard basking in the sun, and asked him what was up. Apparently the council were giving shop keepers tickets for having A boards out side their shops.
Oops, that’s me.

Well it was such fun. The police were there to protect the councillors from us shopkeepers. And it took a big deep breath to keep smiling through the highway, by way and council regulations. Ah, me, the delights of 21st Century victim culture.

Well I got fined for having flowers and an A board, threatened with court, a criminal record and then the policeman, 7 of them, noticed that we had no tax disc on the car. No tax disc at all. It had been stolen honest, governor. Finally they gave me 5 days to get another. Oh, it a great afternoon in Balham. But it was all smiles in the end and I waved them off as cheerily as I waved off the Born Again Christians on Monday.