A short piece about bees



I have had an affinity with bees for most of my life. I do not own, nor do I want to own, any mugs with bees on, or little craven images of them. It is the real thing, in all it’s brilliant glory, that I love.

I do not know an enormous amount about bees and confess that I do not watch programs about their imminent demise. It is upsetting and I feel too powerless.

But I feel that it is worth saying the following.
I have stroked bees for the past 30 years. When they are lying, drunk on nectar, in the purple bed of the artichoke flower or hungrily sipping from the cup of sweetness in the base of a honeysuckle blossom they can be gently stroked along their backs. The act of doing so will cause them to raise their legs in pleasure.

Also, if you find a bee on the ground, as long as it is not stressed and angrily buzzing, it will allow you to pick it up and either place it on a flower so it can take nectar and get energy to move on, or if you give it a tiny bit of honey to sip or a sugar and water solution, after a few minutes it will usually be recovered sufficiently to fly off.

If you want to be nice to bees to keep them going, you need to loose your fear of them, rescue and feed them, and they will continue. Unless of course you happen to be allergic. In which case ignore all the above…