A sense of individuality


A sense of individuality

As I try very hard to get an overview of the current experiences I find it hard not to be affected by the polemic and fear of others.

I try not to read the newspapers, I do listen to Radio 4 but turn away when the serious male voices announce more and more disasters, but I find that it affects my mood. I don’t want it to. I have examined my attachment to drama, been in therapy for my fears, work as hard as I can to manage my mind but still I am affected by what I read and hear.

I feel as though I have no perspective on it all and I wish I did. I suppose I want someone to come and explain the drama to me: why the banks can just behave as they do and no one does anything about, why David Cameron is allowed to spew his negativity all over us all day every day, why the female banker was pilloried for being positive, why we have to drown in negative projections and fear all day, all night, endlessly spiralling into a pit of hideousness that seems to be entirely the medias’ own making. I would like to know why the assumption is that we want things to return to where they were, who really gets something out of this, where has all the money gone and has anyone got a better way forward?

Just a few questions that turn through my reality as I move through “Life on a Daily Basis” like we all are doing. Still making 3 meals a day, still going to work, still having our routines but really trying hard to be positive, entrepreneurial, upbeat, forward thinking and get on with life. Could we have a referendum and demand that everyone in the Government attend a positive thinking course? What about the notion that you create the illusion of your reality?

Well that truly backfires because then it would all be my fault and I cannot face so much responsibility.

I suppose the root of my fear is that of being lost in the melee, and that we are spiralled into destruction, that none of us matter as individuals: We can all be sacrificed to the greater good, to the State, and all this drama is just to get us so stressed that we end up all standing in straight little lines, all individuality lost amongst the Primark madness that has taken over in this time of no imagination and we are fed into the machine that is consumerism.

And here I am, a retailer. But my defence is that I am making original, beautiful, well priced “things” that enhance life, that are durable, outside of fashion and allow each of us to shine as individuals. Oh, please may we have more of this… it has to be good for the economy.