A Moon Bath


I am not usually very aware of where the moon is in terms of its phases, but the past two months I have had an extremely heightened experience of it’s power. Perhaps pertly because I was camping at a yoga festival and then on holiday in France and so was outside more often and also in my mood and behaviours I could feel the rising energy. There were those around me during the Eclipse of the last moon that also profoundly manifested how strong her energy can be.

So I now know that the full moon happened at 09.10am today. Phew, frankly. This one has not been fun, the build up, I mean. All the feelings of being cornered and trapped are absolutely there and I look forward to them slipping back a little. They never really go away. I seem, so far, to endlessly resist my reality and meander between feeling like a rat in a chapatti tin and a tiger in a cage. This moon has been the tiger in a cage one. Pacing up and down trying to find ways out.

But a moon bath beckons. Tonight, in the garden, all us girls, ladies, teenagers and crones need to strip off and howl at the moon. I think it is the only way forward. Absorb all the energy and get empowered by the strength and vitality that comes with all the rising. We did it in France and it was fabulous!

On another side, the running is going spectacularly well. But I have had to adjust to running in the dark when all the park gates are locked, thank God, and Rollo the poodle and I take to the roads of Camberwell. It is surprising how many people are about at 5am. The smells of cigarettes, shower gel and perfume seem to waft through the streets and the occasional smell of delicious coffee makes my taste buds squirm.

The entire hard running in France has made it much easier here and I feel so amazing after. There is a moment, about three minutes after getting hoe, when all the endorphins kick in and I am bathed in bliss. I sat down and closed my eyes to really enjoy it today and Ah, wow, feeling all the energy in the body, the heat, the vibrancy and the ecstasy from the hormone rush. Total bliss and worth the 40 minutes of effort, running up Camberwell Grove.