A Long Meeting


I had a long meeting yesterday in Glastonbury.

It was deeply mind expanding to spend the day with the man who is writing all the program for our new website. What a wild way of thinking. Picking all the structure and wishes apart and deciding how it should all piece together, what should go where and how.

Now he just has to do it.

Otherwise things are calm. It is pouring with rain, two weeks til Christmas and we have not had a phone line or internet for 4 days. Don’t we all just love BT? The designers of endless automated phone systems. Anything to avoid personal contact with the bill payer. I have spent ages with a delightful man in India who had absolutely no idea of what it all meant to me. Why should he? Such insanity, dealing with a completely different culture, lifestyle and belief system to mend our woes.

Funnier still, if the guiding principles for call centres is that they should be in third world countries, I had to call Merchant Services for my visa machine. I could not understand the woman on the other end of the phone AT ALL! And she had zero tolerance and zero patience. I asked her where she was: The United States of America Ma’am. So they are now a third world country, too.