A long day


It started in a clothing factory, looking at samples of wonderful techniques. My head is spinning at all the possibilities. I am back at the hotel now and have to sit and think how to proceed. I have no paints with me, nor felt pens, and pencil drawings for some of the ideas will not work at all.

I learned so much today about different dying, embroidery and silk screening techniques, it was wonderful. The issue now is that I have to decide what to use, how, where, in which colour…… But a few problems were ironed out, too.

I am reading the secret whilst here and it does help, in fact, keeping the mind positive and open to all. And at the same time being able to be like glass so that nothing attaches itself to me. Fun, and now quite challenging, as I have really strong cramps in my stomach so I am telling myself that I am strong and healthy. I keep repeating it….. But the book is good. We, I, know all that is in it, but like remembering to breathe, one does not always step in before the mind charges rapidly down hill.

Mine has been on a downward slope for the past few days but like the Grand Old Duke of York, I am hauling it up again. It is working. Misery is optional unless one happens to be basking in it. There always seems to need to be a sudden break or change to give distance and perspective and from there, the upward climb starts again.

I spent the afternoon in the charge of my drive whom I allowed to introduce me to several of his makers, jewellers and contacts. He is delightful, funny and laid back, but I have now discovered that we do not share a similar view of what I am looking for. At least I know now where not to go.