A desire for how it was


Looking around, especially at the media right now, it is easy to see that there is a strong desire for everything to go back to how it was “before”. The general push is that the financial markets need to be as they were, the housing market has to become buoyant again, the credit crunch must pass and if all these things happen everything will be “fine”.

This stubborn view is hampering change. Things have to change. It is the only constant in life apart from Now. Everything is rising, falling, emerging and decaying. There is nothing that does not follow this cycle. There can be a refusal to admit this as the reality and it is easy to see how this manifests in many ways around us: plastic surgery, the government policies, bank’s attitudes to money, our fears for the future, to list a few. We are conditioned to be scared of change, to fear the future, to expect our imminent demise and it distracts us so far from the here and now that it has become a major part of all policy to make sure that we do not ground ourselves and look around us to see who we are and what is happening. We are fed huge amounts of stress and misinformation by the media and there are vast swathes of the population who buy into it on a daily basis.
I could appear to be a conspiracy theorist but I am not at all. I am nothing more than a woman running a business in a recession, a mother and living clean and sober on a daily basis and so watching all that comes my way and recognising how it alters my daily experience.

Time has shown me that although there are many around with whom I can chat, let off steam and confide, the real way forward through it all is when I really take responsibility for myself and do what I need to do to take care of myself physically, mentally and emotionally. It is from this place, calm and clear, that I can be there for others, function appropriately and let things be as they are without endlessly resisting my reality.
So this is the point of it all: Can I be the space for this right now? This question is powerful and takes time to implant in the consciousness. It is to be asked when the brambles of the mind get too tight and the stress is rising. Stop and ask “Can I be the space for this right now? “ An interesting thing starts to happen; there is a space that opens and the resistance melts. The painful thinking changes, the stress dies down, (although the question may have to be repeated several times), and it becomes just what it is. No projection, no invention, no fear. Just a neutral allowing it to be and to then take, if needed, steps to address the issue as a functioning adult. If no steps are needed then move into the present moment.

It is a step away from the drama, the victim and the intensity that can become daily habit and requires an awareness that one is in fact stepping into a different way. Once this is engaged then the different way is calm and peaceful. There is a clear tool, the above question, to use when the body manifests the thoughts in the mind and we feel and become fearful, stressed, overwhelmed and unable to cope, but practice of this tool simplifies things and acceptance is a relief.
A different path can then start to emerge. Taking on change as a personal, rather than a global project becomes possible. The options as to how to make a difference widen, there is so much that can be achieved within each of our personal spheres of daily life. Turning off lights, radiators, walking to the shops, switching to locally produced food, being aware of and responding to our neighbours needs, recycling unwanted clothes and books etc.

For books that deal with these issues look at Practising the Power of Now, and I am That, The Mind and Still Here.