A change to the weblog


Having taken on monumental changes over the last few years, I have found writing weblog to be impossible, and this column has suffered as the result.

Turning 50 was a very big deal. Not in terms of how I felt about myself visually, ageing, menopause and single-parenthood, but in the light of ambition, acceptance and the desire to live my life as I wanted it to be, not constrained by the thoughts and expectations of others…. hence divorce.

I have changed so many things, am at the end of a training to be a sex therapist, no longer run a clothing company (apart from a truly bespoke section), live in a different house and much, much more. And I feel able, now, to take back this long history of thoughts and ideas but I am changing this, too.

I intend to focus on food, gardening, healthy eating. living and thinking.

I know there is lots out there, and I am happy to add to these voices. I feel confident that I have something human-scaled to offer, particularly in the face of the Celebrity Chef insanity which mainly seems to take food into unbearable heights of sugar and fat consumption.

An up to date over-view seems appropriate:

If you have been keeping up with these pages over time you will already know I am clean and sober since 1991. I have been sugar-free since June 2010 and this aspect of recovery has been amazing. Life changing, in fact. I intend to write within this context: different ways of approaching food, and from there, into gardening with an eye to running a family, cheaper eating, appropriate self-sufficiency and fabulous recipes….. Add to this yoga, meditation, exercise, mindfulness, books, films and music, you get a good sense of where I am and who I am now.

I have bought a large house in South Croydon, on the very edge of London, and in the last 3 months worked to make a vegetable garden with all in it grown from seed, bought my daughter an ice cream maker and 4 chickens for her birthday, and have my own therapy space growing here. I currently have no yoga classes running on a regular basis but am starting the UK Mother’s Journey training again in January and hoping to find a space within which to teach again, locally, soon. All updates to the teaching aspects will be covered regularly in my newsletter which you can subscribe to on the sidebar of this page.

There will always be a link through to products, music, books, other sites, mentioned and I am always available, via email, to reply personally. Remember that I have my YouTube Channel as well as a host of other dedicated sites, including The Mothers Journey, The Lesbian Mothers Journey, The Addictive Personality, Carolyn Cowan Counselling, my photography site, plus lots of DVDs on Amazon and Devotion.


So welcome back to a regular weblog…..