6 Billion others


We took part in some filming about two years ago. It was an intense and quite startling experience. We were asked to be part of a project called 6 Billion Others by Yan Arthus Bertrand. He was the photographer who made the project The Earth From the Air. The new project is a film where there are people talking in close up and discussing very particular aspects of life, love, terrorism and religion. Filming was startling because we were not allowed to see the questions before we started and the camera was very close and turned on it’s side. The person asking the questions stood to one side and I just had to talk to the camera. As the decent into core beliefs and search for meaning in life was examined it became increasingly uncomfortable and emotive. I was in tears for a lot of the interview.

Now it seems the project is nearing completion and we have had several calls from journalists about being interviewed but this morning I was called by a woman who had seen part of the project and wanted to talk to me about herself. Interesting step sideways. She had intuited all manner of feelings about me from the film, had looked me up and now wanted to have time to talk to me. Interesting things come from the most unexpected places.

I am interested to see what it will be like to see myself cry in public. Not really something I am looking forward to, in all honesty, but the project has real grit to it. His last exhibition was hugely seen and generated a lot of discussion in all manner of areas. Let’s hope this does something for recognising how human we all are.