The Courage


I finally plucked up courage and looked at the film of me on 6 Billion Others. It is not a very long section but I have been dreading seeing it.

It was hard, the first time, and I took a few days before showing it to anyone else. Now I have had the courage to ask a series of friends to see what they think. The responses have been interesting. Positive, mostly.

The reason I am so hesitant is because I am very vulnerable on the piece and that is a part of me that I hate to show others. When I was interviewed I was had understood that I would be asked a few questions and would end up as a few seconds of talking head. The questions were very intense and just came, one after the other, with no preview as to what they would touch upon. I found myself feeling intensely emotional and there was no way out. So, there it is. What the consequences will be, I have no idea.
It seems that my responses were appropriate and I have been chosen as the UK piece.

To view, go to and then go to portraits-United Kingdom.