25 Random Things about Me


25 Random Things about Me
Wednesday February 4th

1. I do not like rhubarb at all. Ever.
2. I love good tomatoes with watercress, black pepper, Himalayan salt, lemon juice and good olive oil.
3. I have two children whom I love beyond words.
4. I love my husband more and more each year.
5. My life started for real in 1991 when I got sober.
6. I sold all my clothes and bought a plane ticket to Milan in 1982 to become a make up artist. It was one of the hardest experiences of my life, working in Milan.
7. I then went onto a series in LA. I spent all my money earned on clothes and illegal substances.
8. The best place I have ever travelled to was Yemen in 1991. I was one month sober, it was a highly surreal experience.
9. I wanted to be a surgeon when I was in my teens.
10. I left school with 2 O levels.
11. I am fascinated by the body in all it’s forms hence bodypainter, portrait photographer, yoga teacher, clothes designer, active birth teacher, addict.
12. I have a very mean and relentless mind.
13. I love playing patience to still my mind.
14. I love drinking Lapsang Souchong tea but it has to come from Mariage Freres. Nothing else is as good.
15. Taking photographs is one of my greatest pleasures
16. Hot baths, really, really hot baths is another.
17. I dream of stillness, mentally
18. I long for acceptance in all things
19. I wish I had been a great actress.
20. I have only one regret; a photograph that I did not stop to take in Calcutta.
21. I attended mass with Mother Theresa once. She was not in a good mood.
22. Coffee makes me insane…but I still drink it occasionally
23. I look forward to the New World Order
24. I still wish I was a better person and it is a feeling that I do not like.
25. I miss Yogi Bhajan.